Our Story

Back in high school I took many sculpture and design classes. Art has always been a major part of my life. As I advanced in school I came to find that I really enjoyed programming. I got a job working as a designer for Bitwise Fellows, a sub-company of Bitwise. I began here as a web designer, but quickly took on projects that allowed me to work clients from the initial design phases all the way to the final launch of the site. When I left I worked on various websites for various friends and family. As I have continued working with clients, I have had the opportunity to continue to develop my skill in design and web development, to where I have worked not only on a variety of web projects, but print and app projects as well. My husband specializes in app development as well as web development. Between the two of us we can take on many different projects to help your growing business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an intuitive, organized business assets. We deliver highly intuitive, functional, user friendly, creative technological and/or graphical solutions efficiently and up to expectation. Our job is to be your backstage crew, so that you can shine in the spotlight without worry.