Culwell & Luke LLC


Culwell & Luke LLP are an Indiana based law firm specializing in immigration, bankruptcy, civil litigation and business law in Spanish, English and Hungarian. Because the majority of their cases were primarily from the Indianapolis, Indiana area, they were hoping that with a new website they would be able to expand their client base to neighboring states. They wanted the design of their site to updated with a clean, solid landing page, and simple supporting pages. Because their client base spoke 3 languages, they also wanted their site to be able to be translated into those three languages.


After several design options, they chose to go with a light background theme with a heavy header and footer to give the site spacial guidance. By keeping the color palette simple with three neutrals and the color of their logo, I was able to pull in a good yellow accent color that would provide visual contrast and accentuation on important information. Three custom icons were created for the menu, language and login buttons in the top right corner.

Built on WordPress, the site is easy to update and maintain. The front page is automatically generated by pulling different information from the site into it’s corresponding section, mitigating the need for updating the same information in three or four places. By using Google translate services, the entire website can be translated from English to Spanish or Hungarian. The site easily scales up and down depending on screen size.


Brand new website that better caters to Culwell & Luke’s client base, represents their law firm better and in a more modern light, and gives them ease and flexibility in updating content.

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