Elliot Golias


Elliot Golias is currently working on his PhD in Physics at Kent State University. He is extremely active in many of his classes, including teaching several lower level ones. He felt that he needed to update his personal website as a means of demonstrating his ability as well as helping his classmates. He came to us for suggestions on how he could improve the look of his website. We sat down and looked through each of the pages that he had up, we noticed that it was not mobile friendly at all. It also was not very easy to scan, and the design needed to be brought up to date. The site was built on Kent State University web servers which only provide basic web technologies, so we could only use client based technology.


We completely redesigned the site to present a professional yet simple style. The blue provides a professional, reliable and responsible feel to his site while providing contrast that makes scanning easy. On the original site Elliot had very long lists of links to different course pages. We took the lists and placed them into cards with headers and content. This approach did several things. 1) Increased readability and scanning ability 2) reduced the amount of scrolling 3) properly used more visual space making the site feel more full and complete.

The site is now integrated with Bootstrap, so the whole site scales up and down depending on screen size. Because Elliot has to edit the html directly, we implemented some custom javascript and set up a template for him so that he can update the site as he needs. Everything is run server side, so it is able to be hosted on the school computers without losing functionality.


We were able to deliver a whole new website to Elliot that was mobile friendly and portrays his professionalism with his colleagues, fellow students, and future employers.


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