Foods with Judes – Postcard


Judes came to us with a request to design a postcard for her upcoming speaking event in Boston. She needed a postcard that would advertise her new eBook, Lean Body, Smart Life, as well as promote her other products and services.


On the front of the card, the book cover is clearly displayed as both a physical book and an eBook, making it easy to see what is being advertised. A simple bubble is used to bring attention to the launch date of the eBook, while not taking away from the over all look of the postcard. The back is very simple and straightforward, with a picture of here and her other products and services, as well as her logo strategically placed in the bottom right corner so as to be the last and most rememberable part of the card.


The cards were a hit at her conference, helping to spread the word about her business and upcoming products.


Card image Card image