The Indiana Association for Track and Cross Country Coaches (IATCCC) approached me and asked if I could update their website. Their website consisted of multiple individual .html files that all had to tediously updated by editing the files directly. New information was added minimum monthly, and a lot of the time more than that, especially during the track and cross country seasons. All of this was managed by one person, but the information was being collected from multiple different people. The site was static and used tables to format everything. They wanted a site that could be easily updated by multiple people and that looked better than just a simple .html page with various tables. Each year they also had a huge convention and they needed an integrated system where they could have people sign up for the event, pay online, and receive attendee only content.


Background and text colors were chosen based on their established logo. The background depicts a portion of a track, but also gives the feeling of movement and speed – both associated with Cross Country and Track.

I worked with them to come up with a new system of displaying, recording and accessing all of the various types of important information quickly and easily. The IATCCC site is built on WordPress, making it quick and easy to update. New users with different levels of accessibility could be created so that each person could only update and access  the content that was relevant to them. Because the site is built on WordPress, they could then install different plugins that allowed them to have a live twitter feed in the sidebar of their site. New ways of organizing the information on the site were implemented to searching for specific content and information a snap. Another WordPress plugin was installed that was able to handle all of the event sign ups, transactions and information so that all of that could be handled within the site.


A brand new website that is easily updatable, accessible on mobile, and handles event registrations and payments within the site.

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