Minimalistic Resume Design


A client came to me with a request to design a resume that could stand out in a crowd without being flashy or overwhelming.  Although he had done some web developing in high school, this was his first time applying for a real job and he wanted his resume to be organized and professional with a focus on varying skills.


We met and discussed his experience, training, qualifications and desires for employment. From this, I organized the information into groups, then ordered them from most important and relevant information to least. I then spent some time researching different ideas for presenting the information. The result is a minimalistic approach to a simple resume. Grey variations with blue undertones give the feeling of importance and professionalism, while not being distracting. Fonts the headers were chosen for their ease of readability and their unique strong nature. Paired with a strong, easy to scan font for the paragraphs makes this resume easy to scan while retaining a unique quality. The contrast between the dark sidebar and the white content area draws viewers’ attention to the most important information first and then subtly falls to the background as they explore the rest of the document.


The designed was delivered within the week and after a month of applying, he got the job he wanted.

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