Graphic Designer / Programmer Resume


This is a project that I came up with myself. I decided that I wanted to create a very unique, visually interesting resume that had small technical accents. I wanted to make the resume speak for itself in regards to graphic design ability, and to provide an eye-catching intuitive way to move through the other vital information provided on the resume.


With the given content I stripped away everything that was unnecessary information to get to the most important, core information. I then began playing around with different geometric shapes. Colors then came into play when I decided that light text on a dark background would be a good way to grab attention and guide the user to the information. Light blue lines are used throughout the design to guide the user from piece of information to the next. Small accents were added to the lines inspired by computer chips.


Very minimalistic, eye-catching resume that naturally moves you through from one piece of information to the next.

Card image

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